Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We're Off!

Had my FSH Day 3 blood test done today and will start the BCP on Saturday. This marks the beginning of our IVF journey. It was quite a morning!

To start things off, we had snow squalls this morning so the hour long drive was a little slow. I ran into some drifting and blowing snow, and some icy spots. Made it to the clinic in one piece. The nurse at the clinic had a hell of a time trying to find a vein (this is typical for me; it's nothing for me to have major bruises the next day).

I figured I needed to be out of the clinic and on the road by 8am if I was to make it to work on time (I'm a teacher so I can't be a few minutes late). Left the clinic right at 8am and at about 8:15am I get pulled over by a cop for speeding (my first ticket ever in my 16 years as a driver)! So, $50 and 10 minutes later I am back on the road (really watching my speed now). On the way back, there is 1 set of train tracks along the way. These tracks are rarely used anymore. However, today was the day they decided to use them! Guess what, I'm stopped for another 5 minutes waiting for the train to pass! So then, I'm driving along and then get stuck behind a row of cars following a snow plow doing about 50km/h in an 80km/h zone. At this point, I can feel my blood pressure rising!

Anyway, I did make it to work with about 5 minutes to spare before my students came piling in! I think they found their teacher just a tad bit bitchy today! Ah, those poor kids - hopefully it will not get any worse when I start the drugs!


At 1:42 PM, January 26, 2006, Blogger Becky said...

The Nano made you speed didn't it!?!?! You must have been rocking out.

I can't believe you got a ticket, what luck.


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