Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Report

Got the call this morning about our embryos. Out of the 26 we had fertilize, 12 of them are where they should be at this stage (3-4 cells), 10 of them are growing faster then they would like (5 cells), and 1 is behind (only at 2 cells). She said the average grade was a 2 or 3. They want to see it at a grade 1,2, or 3 at this stage in the game. I don't know what all this means ~ I just pray that we have 1 or 2 really great embryo's by Day 5 (our clinic only transfers on day 5).

I'm feeling so much better than I did yesterday. Instead of feeling like I did 1000 sit-ups yesterday, I feel like I have only done about 50 today. The pain is not as intense today but I still can't walk very fast or far. My ovaries feel all battered and bruised (which is normal I would assume after having them proked and proded with a needle 30 times). I have taken the last 2 days off work since the retrieval and I am taking in lots of tv shows, rest, and reading some good books (thanks Becky for the little bag of books - they have come in handy!).

The progestron shots are going fine. I feel today's shot though - my upper butt is aching a bit so I should get the heating pad on it! I'm still a little concerned about OHSS. I've being following the instructions the clinic has given me. I have to measure my intake and outtake of fluids and only drink as much as I pee out! The worst part of it is that I can only drink Gatorade and Ensure. Have you ever tried Ensure? If you haven't I would only recommend it if you enjoy drinking crushed chalk with a little bit of flavouring! It's awful! And I have to drink 2 cans of it a day!!! Oh well, hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.


At 9:00 AM, March 10, 2006, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Ensure and Gaterade? Yuck! I agree, Ensure is like liquid chalk.
Best of luck with the embies, I hope they get to that grade A status for you.


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