Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We met with the doctor today. This is the first time we’ve met since our 2 failed FET’s. He basically gave us a pep talk (which we knew would probably be the case). He said that he really thinks the reason we aren't pregnant yet is because we haven't picked the right embryo. We convinced him to transfer 3 embryos this time with the promise that we would do selective reduction if we were to get pregnant with triplets. I honestly don’t think we will have to be faced with that! We asked him what the odds are of becoming pregnant with a FET cycle because we heard (thanks to the internet) that it is much lower than a fresh cycle. He kind of laughed and rolled his eyes (I imagine he was thinking “damn that internet”) and said that for a couple like us it’s only about 10% - 15% lower than a fresh. A fresh cycle would have given us a 60% chance of becoming pregnant so he said we have about a 45% - 50% chance. I find that hard to believe, but what do I know!

On the drive back I thought about what he said and I guess (and really hope) that he is right. I think we are just impatient ~ it's something we've been wanting and waiting for 2 years now and we want it now. Pretty much everything we've ever wanted we've got. We lived in an apartment and wanted a house, we got it! If we want a vacation, we figure out where we want to go and book it! When we moved into our house we wanted a dog, we got one! When we wanted to upgrade our house, we bought another one! It seems that most things in life, as long as you have the financial means to do so, you can get it when you want it! Us having a baby when we want it, well that’s another story!

The one thing Paul and I want more than anything else in the world is the one thing we don't have control over when we will get it. Before all of this IVF stuff, I considered myself a very patient person. I'm not too sure I am now! I have to keep reminding myself of the fortune Paul received in his fortune cookie 3 months ago, "Time and patience are called for, many surprises await you." My only question - how much time? Ahh, if only we could have crystal balls!


At 5:10 AM, July 26, 2006, Blogger Vee said...

How I wish we had those crystal balls !
I asked my DR today about the chances of the FET being lower and he said that it is not the actual thawing process that lowers the chances. But because you usually transfer the best in the fresh cycle and the frozen ones are usually of a lower grade thats why they are less successful That was his explanation anyway.....ahhh who knows ! So where is that crystal ball hmm ?

Good luck !

At 12:37 PM, July 26, 2006, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I hope that everything goes well with the transfer tomorrow. We transfered three as well and I would be shocked if they all stuck. Those are pretty good success rates. I hope your RE picks the right one this time.


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