Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hello? Can anyone hear me...

17, or maybe it was 18, months ago my wife and I decided to start trying for a baby. She was 30 and I 31. Our biggest concern at the time was getting a July baby, since this would have tied in nicely with our schedule. She is a teacher.

Our second concern was the cost. Could we afford it? What would diapers cost? What about formula? And cribs and strollers... and and.

We even went and got the prices of these things. And found some relief in the fact we were sure many of the things would have been given to us by our family/friends via a baby shower.

The first month we didn't get it. But we weren't really trying.

The second month we missed again. Ok, since not everyone can get preggy first 'real' time trying.

Third month BFN. Well, it took our friend R & T 6 months for their first baby, so this is OK.

Fourth month and were still batting ZERO. No worries, we didn’t bed dance enough that month.

Fifth month and another BFN. This one was hard to take since DW was a couple of days late and our hopes were built up. We even dis-believed the first HPT.

Months 6 to 12 blend in.

Months 12 to 17. Trying for a baby, um, I don't think it feels that way. All hope is pretty much given up.


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