Friday, December 09, 2005

Results of the Varicocele Repair

I’ve had three sperm tests done, two before the surgery and one after. The one after was only two months after the surgery.

The numbers:
1st 17m
2nd 10m
3rd 2 m

The 2 million one freaked me out. The OB/GYN didn’t seem to be as concerned as we did about the downward trend. The urologist told us to wait at least 6 months to see any results. We asked the OB/GYN if we did the test too early. He said he didn’t know.

All in all, 2, 10, or 17 million does not really matter if we are going through IVF/ICSI. And there are other numbers which I am not mentioning, like morphology and motility; which are equally important. Having a high count with no swimmers is not better.

All that matters is they can pull good ones to do the ICSI with.
We’ll be doing another count in Jan and see if the numbers are any different.


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