Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bad News and Good News

Bad news: No beans in my belly.
Good news: We have at a minimum, 14 embryo's frozen (14 embyros made it to the blastocyst stage and 6 could potential make it there tomorrow - if so, they will be frozen too). Our doctor said with that amount of embryo's frozen it's not a case of "if" we get pregnant, it's a case of "when".

After 2 ultrasounds, the Dr. decided against the transfer today. I still had fluid in places I shouldn't and the doctor said I would hyperstimulate if the embryo's implanted. He said that would be unsafe for me (perhaps up to 1 month in a hospital and I would be very sick).

We are disappointed but we know it's the right decision. Besides, we've waited 2 years to get to this point, what's another month! I kind of had a feeling today wouldn't be transfer day - still feeling bloated but like 85% better than I have been feeling over the past few days. Before I left, the nurse gave me a painful shot in the butt to shut down my ovaries which will prevent any more hyperstimulation. We will be back down to the clinic next Sunday for another ultrasound and some more bloodwork. When my next AF starts (dr. says probably in 2 or 3 weeks) we can get of this side trail and head back to the main trail to parenthood.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Today's Report

17 embryo's at the morula stage (day 4)
5 embryo's just a little bit slower

We are staying at a hotel tonight just right around the corner from the clinic. Tomorrow we will know if we are transferring or not.

We'll keep you updated!

21 Embyros Looking Hopeful

Yesterday's report looks like this:

1 embryo @ lowest stage (1-5 cells)
1 embryo @ 2nd lowest stage (6 cells)
13 embryo's @ 2nd highest stage (7-8 cells)
8 embryo's @ highest stage (9 or more cells)

We are anxiously waiting today's report. If everything looks good inside me (no signs of OHSS) they will go ahead with the transfer tomorrow.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Report

Got the call this morning about our embryos. Out of the 26 we had fertilize, 12 of them are where they should be at this stage (3-4 cells), 10 of them are growing faster then they would like (5 cells), and 1 is behind (only at 2 cells). She said the average grade was a 2 or 3. They want to see it at a grade 1,2, or 3 at this stage in the game. I don't know what all this means ~ I just pray that we have 1 or 2 really great embryo's by Day 5 (our clinic only transfers on day 5).

I'm feeling so much better than I did yesterday. Instead of feeling like I did 1000 sit-ups yesterday, I feel like I have only done about 50 today. The pain is not as intense today but I still can't walk very fast or far. My ovaries feel all battered and bruised (which is normal I would assume after having them proked and proded with a needle 30 times). I have taken the last 2 days off work since the retrieval and I am taking in lots of tv shows, rest, and reading some good books (thanks Becky for the little bag of books - they have come in handy!).

The progestron shots are going fine. I feel today's shot though - my upper butt is aching a bit so I should get the heating pad on it! I'm still a little concerned about OHSS. I've being following the instructions the clinic has given me. I have to measure my intake and outtake of fluids and only drink as much as I pee out! The worst part of it is that I can only drink Gatorade and Ensure. Have you ever tried Ensure? If you haven't I would only recommend it if you enjoy drinking crushed chalk with a little bit of flavouring! It's awful! And I have to drink 2 cans of it a day!!! Oh well, hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

30, 29, & 26

"What do those numbers mean?" you might ask!

30 eggs retrieved
29 mature eggs
26 fertilized

Wow! We got 26 fertilized.

Tomorrow we will get the progress report. This report will have the count & grading. Until then.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

$5,900 for 30 follicles

We had the retrieval scheduled for today. Yesterday I started calling the hotels to book one. To my dismay I learned there was a conference in town and most of the hotels were sold out. I had a choice between a 4 star @ $300 a night or a 2 start at $100. I went for the 4 star, I didn’t think we would be comfortable in the 2 star.

At 3:40 AM I got a call on my cell phone. It was a lady from Mount Sinai hospital in TO, located less than 1 km from the hotel we were in. She was looking for the parents of a baby at the hospital. I was completely confused and drunk with sleep I started to think it was the IVF clinic. I quickly realized she had the wrong person. She told me their baby was critically ill. And she could not get hold of them. She told me she would have to send the police to their house. Not to arrest them, but to get the message to them. So it sounded like the baby was not going to make it.

What are the chances of us getting a call from a nurse in charge of a baby that may not pull through the night on the eve of our retrieval? In fact 6 hours before the retrieval took place. I would say pretty slim. My wife and I have the names of the parents. And we lightly considered naming our future baby after them, or after their baby if the sex is right. Reincarnation? Who knows.

We got to the clinic on time at 7:30 AM, and boy, was it busy. It seems half of TO is infertile. It was a little disorientating being there. Plus on such an important day I didn’t really want to sit and wait to be called. I wanted them to usher us into where ever it was were going when we arrived. We had a 60 inch plasma to help pass away the time. Fortunately the wait was not too long.

They took Lisa first to get her undressed and hooked up to the IV drip. I had to wait some more. When I was called I was ushered into a room with my wife and two other couples doing the same as us. Lisa sat in a reclining comfy chair. In her right arm was the needle with the IV tackle attached to it. She was wearing a hospital gown.

Wait, wait, my contribution, wait, into the procedure room we went. 3 nurses, a doc, two technicians, a mom-to-be, a dad-to-be, and 30 follicles were at this party. And my wife was the focus of all. On the ultra sound screen we got to watch the black voids flow away into the needle. Each of black voids are follicles containing fluid and the eggs we need. It was pretty amazing to watch. We got 30. The IVF team were pretty amazed. The doc said DW did not look hyper stimulated, but we have to measure fluids in/out for the next week. Plus take her weight, and her waist measurement.

Back to the room we went. DW wife a little groggy. We left in an hour with our Prostogen in tow.

On the way home DW scared the heck out of me when she passed out. I nearly drove her to the hospital, but I surmised it was probably the drugs catching up with her, plus being hungry and a lack of fluids.

I’m now sitting on the couch with Lisa using the lap top to write this. She’s sore, but seems well enough. 6 days we’ll get the news on if the implantation will go ahead or not.

If not, the embryos will be frozen, then implanted when the OHSS has passed.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Baby Lab - new show on lifenetwork

Wow! They got a show, and I'm staring in it. Well, not me, but couples going through the exact same thing we all are. It is on Sundays noonish time. It is called the Baby Lab:

I sneaked a peek at the first 10 mins (i'm working, it's recorded onto the PVR) and it looks good.

Just thought you would like to know.

"I'm cold..."

My DW says "I'm cold." I respond by turning on the fireplace. My DW says "I'm hungry." I suggest we eat something. My DW says "I'm hyper stimulated." I have no idea what to do. Kind of feel helpless.

DW is hyper stimulated.

The nurse did not seem too concerned. And told us that others are more stimulated than she and they are proceeding with retrieval / implantation. The nurse said it is up to the doctor if only the retrieval is done. If that happens the embryos would be frozen, then implanted when the OHSS has passed.

The OHSS also will not affect the pregnancy, but can cause discomfort to DW. Which may require her to be hospitalized while they drain fluid.

If you are a worry wart, then IVF is for you. There is so much to 'worry' about.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Trigger shot tonight

Tonight it is the night we trigger!

Yay! What a relief. The HCG shot goes tonight at 9:00PM. On Tuesday we head to the city for the retrevial. We'll be booking a hotel room for Monday night.

Holy Follicles!

Went for bloodwork and U/S yesterday and had the shock of my life! I went for 25 follicles on Friday to 40 follicles on Saturday ~ that's even after taking me off the Gonal-f! I am now a little bit worried about OHSS. My estrogen level was still high yesterday. I was back again this morning for more bloodwork and another U/S. Haven't got the results of the bloodwork back yet but as for the U/S, she measured 37 follicles today. She told me the number of follicles will go down because as some of the follicles grow bigger, some of the follicles will be compressed and wont be big enough to count and measure.

So now we wait to see what happens tomorrow. It could be retrieval day for me or I will be back down to the clinic for more bloodwork and another U/S. The past couple of days I have been feeling full and bloated. My ovaries feel huge!! I can't sit for long periods of time as it becomes very uncomfortable. I keep telling myself, it will all be worth it in the end!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Off the Gonal F due to Elevated Estrogen Level

We are pausing on the Gonal F tonight due to elevated estrogen level. DW is responding "too well" to the Gonal F.

Does anyone know if this is something to be concerned about? Please leave a comment.

It's Almost Retrieval Time

Went for my bloodwork and U/S this morning. We now have 25 follicles ~ 13 on the left and 12 on the right. She instructed me to drink a bottle of Gatorade every day until we have the retrieval. DH got the insructions on how to give me the injection in my butt. I was not expecting to have him actually give me one today (mind you, he only injected me with water), but the nurse told me to turn around and show her my butt check! Apparently, the needle is a long one, I wouldn't know because I didn't want to see it! Just before he was about to jab me he says to then nurse, "I'm putting this all the way in? Are you sure I wont hit a bone?" I'm lying there thinking, "Holy crap, how big is this needle!" After my DH finished giving me the shot, he looked at me and he had this look on his face ~ the look of "I'm so sorry I have to do this to you." After seeing that look, I decided then and there that I was not going to look at the size of that needle!

Based on the u/s results, the nurse co-ordinator guesses that we could be retrieving on Monday or Tuesday. After she said that it hit me that this is really happening! Many emotions are going through me now, I'm nervous, anxious, worried, and excited. I just have to rememeber to take it one day at time and think positive thoughts...easier said then done.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

One egg + One sperm

One egg + One sperm – that is all we need. However, we are always encouraged by seeing larger numbers for either of those two parts. We are playing a numbers games here. Lets say we harvest 20 eggs, all of them should be fertilized, and only 40% will make it to day 5. That would leave us with 8 embryos to transfer. The embryologist will transfer the best two of the eight. Which, ultimately will improve our chances of getting the BFP.

So DW had 14 counted/measured yesterday, and was told there are many more that are too small to count. She’s had her Gonal F injection reduced to 150. It appears the drug is doing its job and we will not be short of eggs.