Monday, March 06, 2006

"I'm cold..."

My DW says "I'm cold." I respond by turning on the fireplace. My DW says "I'm hungry." I suggest we eat something. My DW says "I'm hyper stimulated." I have no idea what to do. Kind of feel helpless.

DW is hyper stimulated.

The nurse did not seem too concerned. And told us that others are more stimulated than she and they are proceeding with retrieval / implantation. The nurse said it is up to the doctor if only the retrieval is done. If that happens the embryos would be frozen, then implanted when the OHSS has passed.

The OHSS also will not affect the pregnancy, but can cause discomfort to DW. Which may require her to be hospitalized while they drain fluid.

If you are a worry wart, then IVF is for you. There is so much to 'worry' about.


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