Monday, December 12, 2005

Talkin' about it.

This past Saturday my wife and I were having dinner with some good friends. We’ve told them about our IVF/ICSI adventure. They asked what causes the lower sperm count. T. then asked this rhetorical question: “Were you kicked in the balls as a kid?”

Why does one have low sperm count? There can be several very obvious reasons, but for most of the men suffering from this the reason is rarely know.

The obvious stuff:
Having some diseases, for example, mumps Or having cancer then radiation treatment.

In my case the cause is not specifically know.

I had the a varicocele which can cause infertility on two fronts.
1) The affected side, usually the left, testicle will likely be smaller due to lack of blood. Kind of like atrophy.
2) The heat from the veins may cause infertility.

I told T. these things in very matter of fact terms. I wish I knew what she was thinking as I used all of the correct terminology. Like scrotum, testicle… and and. I don’t think I’ve ever used those terms with her.


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