Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Step 1

and 4,999 more to go.

We are officially out of the waiting period and have moved into the phase of action. The last two months we've pretty much been waiting. Lisa will get her first blood test on Thursday.

By my calculations we should do the retrieval and implantation mid to late-March. We will find out if we were successful 2 weeks later... around Easter. Which is the time of our 1st date 5 years ago.

Wouldn't that be amazing to get the news around Easter? I'm not a religious person at heart, its not that I don't believe in God, I just don't believe in most of the things Church has to say. It seems things are not open to debate and for the most part are to be taken literal. A pretty broad brush, eh?

Regardless, Easter coincides with spring. And if I searched/explored it out I bet I could tie it into some Pagan holiday (kind of like Christmas). But regardless of the origins of Easter, it does symbolize re-birth. And hopefully we'll be basking in the knowledge of our new impending life.


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